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November 2021 Update:

Album is just about ready for publishing and packaging. Thank you for all the wonderful feedback so far. A mix of genres and styles for all tastes. Some are really different than you are used to hearing from me. You will enjoy!


March 14 2021 UPDATE :

A short CD of 3 covers and new songs came out really nicely.  Angels, Mad World, Country Roads, Going down to Galveston, Georgian Bay, and We Can Do This. My introduction of Piano playing translated nicely in Angels and Mad World. If you don’t have a copy let me know. I will add them to the music list below!

NEW ALBUM coming!

During the last part of 2020 (Prior to lock down) Bob Sautner, Joel Lavigne and I spent 3 weekends writing new music. We recorded on the spot and wrote as we played. In some cases the song came out organically in a jam. Joel or I would start something, and 4 minutes later a song was created. The song itself took on a meaning of its own, while used my voice as an instrument to get the phrasing and theme of the feeling of the music down. Many words, consonants, vowels and syllables came out my voice to form an organic meaningful song. I am in the process now of redoing the vocals and shaping the songs. 20 songs that are really amazing. Collaborative writing turns out to be my favourite way to write and magically feel a new song come to light. I am excited to complete the album and will keep an update on the progress. Some of the music is much different from the 50 Begins style and much more dynamic with Joel’s BASS playing and Bob’s drumming.

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We can’t wait to get back to our regular Live in-person shows, but for now, you can enjoy links to our music via our Facebook Page.

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Recently recorded at the start of the Covid Pandemic, given the times, to inspire and motivate you through this time in our lives..I Thank MANY of the listeners of it so far! They are giving me amazing feedback and love the song..   “We Can Do This”

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About JD Sautner Music

WhyteWater Studio produces original , newly released music in 2018, written, performed and produced by John Sautner, and friends. A talented musician with a long history of performing and writing, John brings his first Original Album to the forefront, in July of 2018, with the life-work release of his new Cd, 50 Begins.

John has been writing, performing and singing with bands in Southern Ontario since 1984, with an Electric, 6, or 12-String , and now releases his own original writings for the first time, in 2018, while living and performing Live in Durham Region and the GTA at local Events and Venues.

John’s inspiration for music stems from his surroundings, upbringing, family, work, and real-life experiences, combining a passion for music and sense of performing for the sake of performing, to please the listening audience. John is the Music Man from another time, with his own interpretation that we all can relate to.

With a signature and self-proclaimed 70’s sound, John takes us on a personal tour of what Life Is Like in Ontario, Canada, from his own unique perspective, and reviving our own Memories. Incorporating covers of popular artists from past decades, don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing and clapping along to tunes from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, to the latest great hits.

Music is the passion, and your enjoyment of it is the mission, for John Sautner and his band, or on his own at events and venues across Ontario in 2018. John and his brother Bob performs favourite tunes from the 70’s 80’s and 90’s .. Bob the awesome drummer.
Be prepared to remember, and, not to forget, these original songs, if it moves you and you would like to keep it in your repertoire. John’s original songs will catch you, keep you, and remind you of what it is like to be here, in our time. Play them once, and they stick with you, I promise.

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